At Machupicchu Exclusive Tours, we also focus on taking the hassles and tedium out of travelling for you, so you can focus on the scenes around you. We transfer you from the airport on arrival. All your accommodation and transportation is taken care of. The hotels in the towns and cities are well located. Private buses are used on all longer road journeys to guarantee our freedom to explore and to increase your comfort.


A major focus of our operations is setting benchmarks in responsible tourism. We have strict operational guidelines for our leaders to follow. We also provide you with a pre-departure booklet, which details ways you can help. In many ways, our role in helping people celebrate and learn about wilderness and wildlife may be the most powerful contribution we make.


Clients who book trips with Machupicchu Exclusive Tours are looking for a genuine experience of the places they visit. They want to see highlights like Machupicchu or the Peruvian Jungle, but expect more from their trip than being shepherded from one highlight to another. Many of our clients have travelled extensively and want to recapture the joys of that independent travel, but no longer.


We only work in Peru. Its what we know, and we know it well. We rely on the support of good clients: firstly to travel with us, secondly to inspire us. Our relationship with our clients dictates future trips, our ever-evolving Responsible Tourism Charter, and often the continued support of our development projects. You are important to us, and we will treat you as so.


We organise personally guided tours that take people behind the scenes, and allow people to contribute to the countries they are travelling through. We also organize Tailor-made holidays for people who wish a budget-conscious travel for those who want the most value for a reasonable price or just enjoy a Luxury peruvian Getaway. We believe that all travelers to Peru can have a positive impact .


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